"Coming to Çukurova University as a visiting student was one of the best decision I made. This visit gives me a wonderfull experience. Living and working in Çukurova University enables me to interact with the various student having various nationality, understanding their way of life, and they're perceptive on various things. Interaction with research students of Çukurova University enables me to tackle various problems and assignment easily and it pool my knowledge, skill, and expertise effectively. Thus this exposure to various cultures and students widen my horizon."

Abrar Ahmad

PhD Student - Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad Pakistan

"All staffs I have interacted with were very warm, supportive and very kind. They were very willing to  help me and my wife to settle down. I was very impressed."

 Prof.Dr. Mohammed Farid

University of Auckland, New Zealand

"I did my visiting at Cukurova University with the aim of carrying out data collection process of my doctoral research project which lasted for more than 7 months. My visiting position at Çukurova University empowered me in the field,, and became one of my prominent fieldwork strategies while introducing myself to potential respondents.  More precisely, my affiliation with Cukurova University facilitated and accelerated my tasks in the field in terms of reaching to target population. Besides, , being a visiting researcher gave me a golden opportunity to collaborate with Asst. Prof. İlke Yüksel Şanlıer which in fact enabled me to broaden my horizon both theoretically and empirically throughout data collection of my PhD Project in Adana. Upon completion of my fieldwork in Adana, I also gave a seminar at the Department of Communications where I shared preliminary findings of the research and received insightful feedback from distinguished members of the department and colleagues. Last but not least, having the opportunity to spend seven months as a visiting researcher at Cukurova University gave me a chance to join academic groups working on migration studies, to get familiarize with distinguished faculty members, provide a challenging and stimulating academic environment for my fieldwork and to challenge myself working in a new research site."

Selin Sivis

Ph.D. Candidate - University of Essex, the UK