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Undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral students studying at Çukurova University are eligible for application.
Information regarding the quotas in learning mobility can be obtained from departmental coordinators.

Applications will be subject to an “eligibility control” by the International Office, which measures their compliance with the criteria included in the “Çukurova University Erasmus Exchange Charter” published on Applicants deemed eligible can participate in the language exam conducted by the School of Foreign Languages.

Under-graduate and post-graduate students in preparation class cannot benefit.

Students who have earned the right to become Erasmus student in previous years, but have not used or waived their right, are still required to re-enter all exams. Students, who have benefited from Erasmus program and wish to benefit again as a non-grant student, can apply.

Applicants must be full-time students.

All applicants are required to participate in the language exam held by the School of Foreign Languages. No other language certificate will be accepted.

Applicants, who wish to study abroad at higher education institutions teaching in English, will participate in the English language exam and those, who wish to study at the institutions teaching in French or German, will participate in the French or German language exam. Applicants can attend more than one language exam. Applicants, who fail in the exam, cannot benefit from the exchange.

All Erasmus language exams are prepared at B2 level according to European Language Portfolio


Erasmus language exam is a two-phased exam, including written and oral examinations and will be held on the dates designated below:

Students may benefit from the program with or without grant, or with grant at fall semester and without grant at spring semester.

Students, who have previously benefited from Learning and/or Training Mobility, may benefit from these programs again, but without receiving any grant. Detailed information can be obtained from the Erasmus Office.

For objections to the results of eligibility control, placement process and results, students may contact Erasmus Coordinator and relevant faculty/departmental coordinators and when necessary, use the formal objection procedure of our university. In cases where students are not satisfied with the outcome of such objections, they may refer the situation to the Presidency of the Centre for EU Education and Youth Programs (

No fees will be charged for applications.

For application, the latest grade point averages must be 2.20/4.00 or 58/100 at minimum for Associate Degree and Bachelor’s Degree students and 2.50/4.00 or 65/100 for Post-Graduate and Doctoral students.

The assessment criteria and the weighted grades to be used in the assessment of applications for the Erasmus Learning Mobility for the 2013–2014 academic year are:
Academic standing : % 50
    Language level : % 50

      Students, who have previously benefited from Erasmus Learning Mobility, may benefit from the program again, but without receiving any grant.

      Students, who study on per-year basis (such as in Medical School and State Conservatory), must have two failed years at most and those, who study on per-semester basis, must have two failed semesters/one failed year at most.

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